Hi there! I’m Guillem Bosch, an artist established in Barcelona and dedicated to illustration.

I like everything that has to do with drawing, screenprinting, painting, design and, as can be seen in many of my works, I am a music lover. In my works you can see an artist who lives and develops between traditional and digital illustration.

Currently, I work as an independent professional for different studios and clients coming from the editorial, musical and advertising world. So far I had done commissions for numerous music bands, worked for music fests, and illustrated for agencies such as DDB, Mccan, Shackleton, TBWA…

You can write me for inquires, to propose me projects or just to say hello!

I hope you like what you are going to see and we can speak very soon.






Galería Visions, La Barbería del Mono. Bcn

Centro de Arte Mutuo, SurfCity We Are Antonyms. Bcn

Galerie de les Marais, Barcelona Drawing City. París

Transforma Barcelona, Barcelona Drawing City. Bcn

El Convent dels Angels, Surfcity Movistar Fest. Bcn

Piel de Lija, State bcn. Bcn

Belaza Gallery, Wilde. Bilbao (Solo exhibition)

Galería Visions, Wilde. Bcn (Solo exhibition)





Guillem Bosch